Beautiful, luminous spaces with modern furniture, high-tech equipment which is easy to use, well-designed kitchens, advice for cooks of all ages, stylish and functional tools… Discover our partners who help make the Alain Ducasse Cooking School an elegant location for enjoyment, well-being and above all good eating


For more than a century, Miele has been offering only the best in terms of design and technology to its customers, with state of the art cooking appliances that bring food and flavors on a whole new level of perfection.
Through the world famous quality, longevity and sense of innovation of its appliances, Miele always thrives to anticipate on its customer’s needs and demands by creating intelligent and simple to use products.
Initiated several years ago, the partnership between Miele and the Alain Ducasse Cooking School is based on a common quest for perfection. The continuous exchanges between the chefs and the students, contribute largely to the development of new products by the Miele brand.

Galerie Miele – 55 Bd Malesherbes – Paris 8ème


A unique brand-name, created in Haute-Savoie in 1938, Perene has always cultivated a passion and a real know-how in the conception and manufacturing of kitchens, bathrooms, living and wardrobe furniture in a high price range.

Its philosophy is based on a decidedly different view.

Perene does not claim a design, nor a style and does not dictate an aesthetics. The brand approaches philosophy in a different way. It shapes and materializes unique made-to-measure projects.

The encounter between the Alain Ducasse Cooking School and Perene emerged with the same vision : there isn’t beautiful, or good food without emotion.

The Chefs emotion who is pleased to transmit his savoir-faire with passion.

The emotion of amateur pupils discovering new recipes.

The emotion of the scene, elegant and ergonomic, in which we enjoy cooking.

The four kitchens signed Perene, from the Alain Ducasse Cooking School are spaces which have a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Four settings where exchanges are established and where creativity emerges.