Article 1 - General

Any purchase of one or more training sessions or gift cards implies that you hereby accept the present conditions and terms. Therefore, no contrary, extra or modifying clause will be imposed upon Alain Ducasse Cooking School, except in the case Alain Ducasse Cooking School explicitly accepted it.

These terms of sale apply to training sessions given by Alain Ducasse Cooking School.

The online enrolment form or booking sheet constitutes a contract between you and Alain Ducasse Cooking School.


Article 2 - Training session content

Alain Ducasse Cooking School offers training sessions in cooking, pastry making, oenology, hosting, as well as other specific options. These training sessions take place within Alain Ducasse Cooking School premises or in premises for which Alain Ducasse Cooking School signed a prior agreement. Each training session available on Alain Ducasse Cooking School Website ( is described through a presentation that states its name, content, price as well as its dates and hours.


Article 3- Enrolment procedure

Alain Ducasse Cooking School will acknowledge receipt of your order and will then send you a gift card for an « open » booking (no theme nor date choice), or a gift card or confirmation file (by mail or e-mail) for the chosen workshop. Gifts cards or confirmation mail implies transaction consent and confirmed sale. However, enrolments only become effective after prior full payment of each session. Sessions are not refundable, except in the case cancellation is notified within the legal period of 7 days following training session or gift card purchase, in accordance with French Consumption Law, Articles L.121-20 and 120-2.


Article 4 – Gift vouchers

After purchase gift VOUCHERS can be converted in cooking class, pastry making class, wine tasting class, hosting class or other specific sessions given at Alain Ducasse Cooking School. They are not transferable and are valid for a one year, not renewable, as from their date of issue. Booking may be completed at the time when the gift voucher is issued or later, by the voucher recipient.


Article 5 - Deferment and cancellation by Alain Ducasse Cooking School

Alain Ducasse Cooking School reserves the right to cancel or amend the content and / or dates and hours of a session, according to the number of attendees, the contingency related to product supply and / or in accordance with precautionary principle.


Article 6 – Deferment

6.1. Deferment by trainee


Deferment shall only be received in case the trainee notified Alain Ducasse Cooking School by e-mail or by mail (postmarked by the deadline) at least 8 days before the first day of the session. In the event of failure to comply with this principle, Alain Ducasse Cooking School shall not accept session deferment.

Trainee can only defer planned session once. If the trainee owns a gift card, second enrolment date shall not exceed gift card expiry date. If the enrolment is not made using a gift card, second enrolment date shall not exceed one year following the date the class was ordered (not the date the first class was planned).



6.2 Extension of gift card validity or booking validity


Gift card validity or booking validity will not be extended, except in the case trainee can submit a medical certificate testifying complete impossibility to take part in a training session until the expiry date of the gift card. . In this case, gift card validity or booking validity will be extended to the end of current year. No extra deferment shall be arranged.



Article 7 - Rates

Effective rates are those featured on our Website at the time when the card is purchased. Rates are expressed in Euros, all taxes included. Rates featured on Alain Ducasse Cooking School Website are likely to be revised according to season product rates and economic conditions.


Article 8 - Payment terms (check, bank card or wire transfer)

Online payments can only be made using bank card.

If the trainee shall decide not to make online payment, the total amount related to chosen session shall be sent to Alain Ducasse Cooking School by mail, within 5 days following booking date (postmarked by the deadline). After this period, Alain Ducasse Cooking School shall dispose of initial booking.

Checks shall be made out to Société Alain Ducasse Cooking School and sent to the following address:

École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse – Service clientèle
64 Rue du Ranelagh
75016 Paris

For wire transfers, bank details will be given to Client when the order is taken.


Article 9 - Liability

Alain Ducasse Cooking School shall not be held responsible if any physical damage affected a trainee during workshop practical exercises. Moreover, Alain Ducasse Cooking School will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of personal belongings brought by trainees.


Article 10 - Litigation settlement

These terms are subjected to French law. Any litigation relating to their interpretation or implementation shall be submitted to Paris Civil Court.